Spinning right out of the sheering bag, then washing the yarn, is the preferred way of spinning this no fuss no muss wool. You get all of the fine wool attributes with out all the cobwebbing and grease.

Lets talk colors!! The name American Blue Morrit was picked by customers of Inspirational Ewe on Facebook. The color genetics don’t follow traditional acceptance of how color genes work.

The following colors have been sold to customers, there for verified they do exist:
Blue, not gray, the same blue that exists in an English Angora rabbit.
Burgundy– A deep rich Morrit with slight purple hues.
Purple– the mixed hairs of blue and red Morrit
Gold– Diluted tan with off Morrit base, a double dilute
Pink– an odd dilute of a very red based morrit

There are NO true blacks or true Morrit in this breed. They will all develop into something other than their birth color. They will all have the Alexandrite effect.

Alexandrite effect

Just as the Alexandrite stone changes color in light, and shade, so does the ABM fleece. A black fleece may turn mahogany. A blue, may turn Champaign. Light creates dazzling effects in this amazing lustrous fleece.